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Change Form

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  • Change Form

    This form is to be used for parents out of town, or emergencies. It is not intended for student or parental convenience.

    Request for Transportation Change Form
    1. Students shall be transported to and from the bus stop closest to their place of residence.
    2. A parent or guardian will be out of town and their student will be staying with another person. A parent or guardian may request that a student be transported to an alternate existing bus stop if the parent or guardian has submitted a Transportation Change Form to the district transportation office for approval. It is recommended that this form be turned in no later than three (3) days before the requested date(s). The completed form must be approved by the district transportation office at least two (2) days before the requested change.
    3. Emergencies may be handled at the discretion of the Director of Transportation.
    4. Parents of pre-school and kindergarten students must identify one consistent pick-up and drop-off location. If a permanent change of location is needed (for a reason such as a family change of address (change registered with the school, or a change in a day-care provider), a Change of Transportation Form must be used.

    The school board has determined the following:

    1. The one rider/one pick-up/one drop point rule is reasonable for school bus operation. It places reasonable expectations on the bus driver to monitor the appropriate pick up and drop off point for students and lessens the potential for safety concerns.
    2. The school bus transportation system should not be expected to absorb the liability of serving as a flexible transportation (taxi-type) service for parents.
    3. The school bus driver has a great responsibility for ensuring the safety of children. Adding to that responsibility by asking them to evaluate parent notes and keep track of students at more than one pick up and drop off is not reasonable. The primary interest of the professional school bus driver should be the safety and security of children.
    4. The Director of Transportation may provide flexibility if he/she feels it is warranted by true need. However, the school board does not encourage flexibility for parental convenience.

    Some examples that a request would be denied:

    1. A student going home with a friend to study who rides a different bus or gets off at a different stop, even if it is on the same bus route.
    2. Group meetings such as scouts, church activities, school projects, school community service projects, etc.
    3. Play dates, sleepovers, or parties at a friend’s home.
    4. Notes from parents asking or giving permission to ride another bus, or go to another stop.
      1. A danger may be a child gets off at another stop and the expected adult is not there to pick them up, or the parent of the other student picks up their own child and leaves the other child at the stop.
    5. Calling the school during the day and asking the school office to have the bus driver take their child to another stop (such as complications the child is going to spend the night at a friend’s house. Contact transportation instead).