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Mcpolin Elementary
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GPS Bus Passes

  • GPS Bus Passes

    All students Preschool through grade 7 are required to have a bus pass to ride the bus. If a student is new to the district or is riding the bus for the first time, they may still ride the bus to and from school while their pass is created.

    GPS passes, when swiped, log the time and place that a student gets on and off the bus. The students are expected to do this when they get on the bus to school and again when they get off the bus at school. In addition, this process takes place when boarding to go home and at their bus stop.

    If the student swipes their pass daily, we know when they got on or off the bus and, if needed, know where to start looking in the event of a lost or missing child. This saves valuable time in the best interest of the student and a more effective and efficient search by district personnel, parents, and law enforcement. Student safety and security are of grave concern.

    If the student has lost their pass or damaged it, they can come to the Transportation Office at 8460 North Blue Bird Lane, next to Jeremy Ranch Elementary. The replacement cost for a new pass (the original is at no charge) maybe $5.00 the first time, $10.00 the second time, and $15.00 the third time and after that. This is not the actual cost to replace the pass but provides the opportunity for the student to learn ownership and responsibility.

    Preschool through 7th grade, all students need to keep their current passes and have them ready to use when school starts in August. This process saves time and taxpayers money. The passes are in lanyards that may attach to their book bag, computer, etc.