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Space Available

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  • Space Available 

    Elementary school students (grades K-6) living within one and a half (1-1/2) miles of their school are eligible for bus transportation only if space is available. Secondary school students (grades 7 – 12) living within two (2) miles of their school are eligible for bus transportation only if space is available. An ineligible space available student cannot displace an eligible student. If bus seating is fully utilized and an eligible student needs to be placed on the bus, then the last ineligible student's parent(s) will be notified of the loss of seating for their student.

    Registration for "Space Available" seating for the 2022-23 school year begins on:
    Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 7:00 am, until Monday, August 15, 2022, and can be submitted in person at the Transportation Office (8460 Bluebird Lane), via email (Tauna Anderson at, Reyna Velazquez at, or by fax (435-645-5669).

    Ineligible/Space Available Form

    Ineligible/Space Available Student Information Form

    For more information:
    Email: or
    Phone: 435-645-5660

    See below:

    Additional Information

    It is the policy of the Park City Board of Education to provide a program of student transportation that conforms to all state standards and guidelines and supplies for eligible students as determined by those standards and policies. Therefore, the Board authorizes the administration to develop regulations to provide busing services to those ineligible areas for busing. Such busing is financially and logistically feasible, limited to one stop on a direct path to school on the route under the ineligible distance.

    (PCSD Policy 5015).
    A GPS bus pass will be issued for each eligible and approved space available daily bus rider. The student's responsibility is to have the bus pass with them each day and use it every time they enter and leave the school bus. They must keep and use this pass until they graduate from Ecker Hill Middle School or leave the district.
    Each rider will be assigned a seat on the bus. Students shall be transported to and from the bus stop closest to their place of residence.

    The following guidelines will be in place for the school year to provide an orderly and fair procedure for space available for ineligible students.

    The procedure for sign-ups for the school year will be:

    1. Sign-ups will be on a first-come, first-served basis for all Park City School District students. This may be accomplished in person, by fax, or by email.
    2. Parents/Guardians can sign-up only for their children.
    3. Sign-ups do not guarantee a space on the bus. Ineligible students may not ride the bus until notified by the Park City School District Transportation Department.
    4. If the sign-up is done in person, the parent/guardian will fill out a two-part registration form for each student. This form will also be available on the district website and can be submitted by email or fax.

    Transportation will keep the original copy of the form.

    The form will show the time of sign-up and date.

    Information needed from the parent/guardian is:
    • The student name,
    • School attending, grade,
    • Parent/guardian name,
    • House address,
    • Mailing address if different than house address, city, state, zip code,
    • And all parent/guardian phone numbers (this will need to be included on all faxes and emails).

    5. Sign-ups will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis in the following order:

      • a. Sign-ups on the first day will be accepted with the starting time posted.
      • b. All sign-ups will be documented each day according to the posted schedule.
      • c. The registration form must be accurate and complete. If the form is
        incomplete or inaccurate, it will be returned to the parent/guardian for completion. When finished and accurate, the current processing time will be entered on the form and the student's name placed on the list. The entered time will determine the order of placement on the list.

    i. Faxes and emails will be processed in order of the time logged on the document.
    ii. Any fax or email that has a time after the closing time scheduled for a scheduled date will be placed on the list at the start of the next scheduled day for sign-ups.
    iii. Any fax or email on the first day of registration that has a time earlier than the sign-up time posted will not be accepted.
    iv. In-Person sign-ups will be processed according to arrival and accurate completion of the form. Then the form will have the time entered and documented.
    v. All registration forms
    1. If there is more than one child in the family at the same school, the parent/guardian will need to specify the students by number order. The number order is:
    1. John Doe
    2. Jane Doe
    3. Jack Doe
    4. Etc.
    a. All children may be submitted on the same fax or email but will be processed and placed on the registration sheet individually according to the guidelines as stated. If a parent/guardian fails to number the children, they will be numbered as they are listed on the complete and accurate registration form.

    6. The parent/guardian will notify the parent/guardian upon determining that space is available on the bus for an ineligible student; the parent/guardian will be notified. Notification will be in the order of the office entered time and date on the sign-up sheet for that school and bus route. If space is turned down by the parent/guardian, that student will go to the bottom of the list.

    7. not every student in a family may have a space. For example, if there are two spaces available on the bus for a specified school and a family has three students on the list, only the first two will be offered the seating.

    Park City School District Policy 5015
    Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations
    PCSD Transportation Operating Procedures